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General Ultrasound

Pinehurst Surgical  Imaging Center is ACR (American College of Radiology) Accredited in Breast Ultrasound and U/S Guided Breast Biopsies and offers U/S for Pinehurst Surgical patients.

Pinehurst Surgical is proud to provide a variety of non-invasive ultrasounds to its patients;


  • General Ultrasounds

  • Breast Ultrasound

  • Fetal Ultrasounds

  • Gynecological Ultrasounds

  • Vascular Ultrasounds

In addition to monitoring the health and well-being of a developing fetus, ultrasounds can also be used to safely diagnose many medical conditions, including issues with blood flow, as well as the liver, muscles, lymph nodes, thyroid, breasts and more.


What to Expect from Your Pinehurst Surgical Ultrasound Procedure

When you come in for an ultrasound exam at Pinehurst Surgical, you can feel confident that your visit will be safe, painless and informative. Furthermore because all ultrasounds performed at our facility are non-invasive, the procedure will never require the use of needles, dyes, radiation or anesthesia.

A qualified ultrasound technician will perform your ultrasound exam by applying a hypoallergenic water-based gel to the area to be evaluated. A small, microphone-like device called a transducer will be passed over the gel-coated area, producing an image on the screen of the ultrasound machine.


Upon completion of the ultrasound, one of our certified Pinehurst Surgical Surgeons or Radiologists will review and interpret all images and/or blood flow measurements and deliver these results to you shortly after the procedure.


Our Pinehurst, NC Ultrasound Technicians

General Ultrasounds, Vascular Ultrasounds, Women’s Care Center Ultrasound


How will I be billed?

You will receive two bills following your general ultrasound exam:


  • One from Pinehurst Surgical

  • One from the radiologist that reads your ultrasound

  • Please be prepared to pay your copay, deductible or expected out-of-pocket expense at time of service

Please contact Pinehurst Surgical today at (910) 672-6364. We look forward to providing you with the most directed, patient-centered medical care available.

Current patients may also login to their My Patient Portal Page to request an appointment online.

Pinehurst Surgical is a multi-specialty clinic comprised of ten specialty centers located in a state-of-the-art surgical facility in Pinehurst, NC. We also have six additional locations in Laurinburg, Hamlet, Raeford, Rockingham, Sanford and Troy and serve patients in Southern Pines, Fayetteville, Asheboro, Fuquay-Varina, Siler City and all surrounding areas throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and beyond.

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